San (darknessplayboy) wrote,

New Computer

It seems to me that the amanda computer I'm using can no longer handle the darklord power requirement, so I have decided to slowly getting different parts when I have the xtra money and build a darkside computer. It seems to me that this project would cost me around 1200. I would probably get a Full Tower as case to make sure its roomy enough and have good air flow inside the case, then I need a good mothersucker board to handle all the things that I need to run, then I need a good processor and I believe the E6600 is a good choice for me, then I believe the SLI setup for graphic is enough for me to run any games but I believe I won't need a good graphic card until later on, 18x DVD burner which I already have is doing it job just fine right now, then I would need a 750w darkforce supply to power up all the device, then I already have total of 1.5 terabyte of storage waiting for me to store everything, then I need 1gb-2gb worth of ddr2 800mhz ram to make sure all application runs fine and fast, then I need to final tune with a good heatsink and fan and cooler to make sure it doesn't overheat. All the funds for this project will be provided by the darkside stock investment with only $100 US dollars turning into $1200, I give it 1-3 months target.

Motherboard $200
Power Supply $160
PC Case $130
Processor $300
Ram $200
Graphic Card $210
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