San (darknessplayboy) wrote,

could this be it?

Well, since I unhided my resume on careerbuilder the otherday, almost every day every 3 hours I get some email and phone call about a job, but non of them really interested me either the pay is not what I expected or its not what I wanted to do. Actually those jobs are very good for people such as dave, dan, chris, d-chan if they want to make more than 15 dollars and if they can handle working with strangers and know nobody at the place. I feel like I am not making enough money and I need more and more and more everyday. Cost of living is going up, gas price is going sky high, damn resturant need tip, damn cat eat so much and shit so much so I had to constantly buy food and litter, and whatever is coming up that need to spend on.

I looked around for jobs out there and see what how the job market is going for the IT, seems to me that this year the salary of IT is bumped up. I went to and found one job that I like and I went to apply, so the next day I got a call instantly and they guy was talking to me about this company how great it is and everything, and I like it because its a big financial company and its good paid, the only bad thing is that it is 30 miles one way to traffic, not that I don't already travel 30 miles one way a day on turnpike already. He submitted my resume to the company and he called me back today and tell me the corp want to have a 30min phone interview with me, now hes gonna schedule it with the company and let me know the day and time and who it will be.

I must go pass the step 1 and get to a person interview, the salary is too good to ignore, but if I don't get it, I will look for another one that fit what I need. but If I do get it, I believe I will finally take a vacation that actually use company vacation days lol, yes have vacation days where i work now, but I don't take them and covert them into paycheck.
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