San (darknessplayboy) wrote,


Everyone hate bugs, well not everyone, but since most of the bug are nasty looking and carry deadly disease, we all want to kill them.

For the past few weeks it was a battle between the darkside and the flea, I have 2 cats. One is a normal cat with normal hair, one is a devon rex with very short hair, I can see the flea crawling on the devon rex stomach, and I can easily pull the flea out and flush them to hell. However the other cat is with regular hair, so more flea stays on him easily and harder to get rid of. I flea comb the hell out of the cat and I must have killed majority of the flea army on the cat. However it just keep coming back on both cat, I wash clothes, bed and everything, spray the cat, wash the cat, and everything, but they just wont' stop.

I then went flea crazy and must stop this madness once and for all, I bought frontline for cat and will come tomorrow and hopefully that will stop the flea from jumping on the cat and kill them while they are on it. Then I bought Flea Comb Zapper, it actually works very well since it works like a flea comb and when the flea get caught on the comb, it will execute them to hell with electric current, so the chance of them jump the hell out after I comb them is much less now. Then I bought 2 pest repeller that gives off darkside wave through the wall, the air and to the outer space, I only had it for 2 days, but I can swear that since the combination of the flea zapper and the pest repeller, I have not gotten one single bite yet I think from the flea. I still find like 2 or so flea on the devon rex and can kill them easily, but I was amaze that the other cat have no flea on him yesterday when I use the flea zapper even he have hell of alot more hair on him.

It came down to one conclusion, I believe that all bugs and flea have moved out to next door or something.

I can finally say this aaron, the pest repeller seems to be working very well, I will give it another week or so and see how things are, and then I can recommand you to get one too lol.
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