San (darknessplayboy) wrote,

This is an good example of someone who talk monkey trash but can't back up his own word

All he have to do is show me the log to proof i'm wrong, but he keep talking trash.

(10:21:34) darknessplayboy: so now the party is on sunday dan say
(10:21:52) darknessplayboy: and it was suppose to be a surpise party, but i exposed lol
(10:22:02) kEnAiYoChAn: lol
(10:22:05) kEnAiYoChAn: u rined the fun
(10:22:07) kEnAiYoChAn: &ruined
(10:22:11) darknessplayboy: well you told me it was sat
(10:22:16) kEnAiYoChAn: idk what party there will be -- weather is to be terrible
(10:22:24) darknessplayboy: so amanda wanted to know and i ask annie
(10:22:31) darknessplayboy: and annie don't know
(10:22:39) darknessplayboy: and dan say pisser and jackie throwing them a private party
(10:22:49) kEnAiYoChAn: i told u sunday the other day cause they are playing d&d -- its in my aim logfile dude lol
(10:23:01) darknessplayboy: no
(10:23:04) darknessplayboy: you say sat
(10:23:26) kEnAiYoChAn: yeah i did -- then dan told me sunday
(10:23:30) kEnAiYoChAn: and i told u sunday
(10:23:39) kEnAiYoChAn: cause of d&d
(10:23:53) kEnAiYoChAn: i still dk if they will haev a party on sunday cause weather is going to be very bad
(10:24:23) darknessplayboy: no you told me sat and thats it
(10:24:34) darknessplayboy: lol weather is bad today and tomorrow
(10:24:38) darknessplayboy: you don't need to worry
(10:24:40) darknessplayboy: you ride bus
(10:25:33) kEnAiYoChAn: dude i can show you the logfile if i were that retarded , but it doesnt matter now anyway
(10:25:43) kEnAiYoChAn: we'll see what the weekend brings
(10:27:25) darknessplayboy: show me the log file
(10:29:10) kEnAiYoChAn: dude i told u im not going there -- im not going to play your petty games lol. u'll believe what you want.
(10:29:24) darknessplayboy: then you are that retard, i want proof
(10:29:32) darknessplayboy: and you can't back your words up
(10:29:45) darknessplayboy: just like video game
(10:29:51) kEnAiYoChAn: w/e man -- believe what yu want -- idk why yu are trying to start some mediocre piece of crap with me lol
(10:29:51) darknessplayboy: talk shit but can't back it up
(10:29:54) kEnAiYoChAn: w/e man lol
(10:29:57) darknessplayboy: i'm not
(10:30:02) darknessplayboy: you never say anything about dnd or sunday
(10:30:03) kEnAiYoChAn: ok then ur not... ;)
(10:30:05) darknessplayboy: and thats what i know
(10:30:10) darknessplayboy: and you try to tell me you have proof on log
(10:30:12) darknessplayboy: then show me
(10:30:17) kEnAiYoChAn: alright san -- ur right -- not lol
(10:30:32) darknessplayboy: all the shit talk from you with log file you have proof
(10:30:35) darknessplayboy: but don't want to proof it
(10:30:39) darknessplayboy: talk about lame
(10:31:27) kEnAiYoChAn: alright dude lol
(10:31:55) darknessplayboy: all you have to do to show me the log, and i will shut up if i'm wrong
(10:32:52) kEnAiYoChAn: u wont shut up no matter what lol
(10:32:56) kEnAiYoChAn: i kno you ;)

(10:33:16) darknessplayboy: no i'm a man of my word
(10:33:35) darknessplayboy: but since your not thats why you talk shit and can't back up your word
(10:34:03) kEnAiYoChAn: yeah -- yu lose in a video game, in a real match
(10:34:07) kEnAiYoChAn: u say its nothing
(10:34:09) kEnAiYoChAn: it dont count
(10:34:12) kEnAiYoChAn: dude just let it go
(10:34:20) kEnAiYoChAn: many more things to concern urself with lol
(10:34:21) darknessplayboy: why are you still talking trash
(10:34:24) darknessplayboy: bring the log
(10:34:27) kEnAiYoChAn: im not -- but u are ;)
(10:34:30) darknessplayboy: all these time you can show me the log
(10:34:39) darknessplayboy: and stop talking monkey trash
(10:35:22) kEnAiYoChAn: ok san w/e man lol
(10:35:34) darknessplayboy: where is th elog
(10:35:49) darknessplayboy: are you having trouble opening the log?
(10:35:52) darknessplayboy: or you don't know how
(10:35:53) kEnAiYoChAn: i dont need to proove a damn thing to you man -- let it go
(10:36:02) darknessplayboy: or the log don't exsit
(10:36:10) darknessplayboy: you say its in the log
(10:36:13) kEnAiYoChAn: ahh...i shall just put your IM window off to the side so i dont have to see this nonsense for the remainder of the day ;)
(10:36:15) darknessplayboy: lets see it
(10:36:25) darknessplayboy: if you are so sure why not show it and get this over with
(10:36:33) kEnAiYoChAn: dude let it go lol
(10:36:37) darknessplayboy: i'm posting this online and let people comment
(10:36:41) kEnAiYoChAn: fine ;)
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