San (darknessplayboy) wrote,

Day 3 Over Day 4 begin

Day 3 Thursday 9-4-2008 is over.

Summary of what we did:

Woke up in the morning around 7am, weather looks good, so decided we head out to the bird market. Stopped at the shopping mall around 8 on our way to the bird market, then eat some bakery and ate alot of good food, then we walked to the bird market, took alot of pictures of the market and was awesome, lot of good bird and Amanda loved one and another. Then weather was still good, we decided to head out to disneyland the magical kingdom. We took MTR subway then Disneyland express to disney. I have to say even know the disneyland in hong kong is the smallest in the world, they are awesome, the space mountain is the best. Then we finished the fun at disneyland, my feet so damn sore and tired, went back to hotel and took a nap. Got up around 11pm and look for dinner, ate some good fresh seafood and then walked around the city and supermarket and got some cat toy, now back to hotel at around 1:30am and typing this. Probably going to sleep now, and wake up at 8am tomorrow and head out to either ocean park or see the big budda. Good night all. Let Day 4 begin now.
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