San (darknessplayboy) wrote,

Future Home Improvement List

First thing first, when we move into our new house next year, there is going to be alot of things need to be change.

1. Kitchen Applicance all need to be replace, I need to get a new fridge, washer/dryer, dishwasher, range.
Looking to get the LG fridge, blackfriday samsung washer/dryer combo for 999, dishwasher either LG or samsung, and range i still have to do research.

2. All bathroom shower head need to be replace with super shower head that i'm currently using that blast water to your body like a fire hose.

3. New roof replacement in about 2-3 years, I plan on having solar system installed so maybe it can just go over the roof.

4. Kill the old patio and replace with a new deck.

5. Take out the septic shit tank out of my yard in few years when I have money and make my lawn looks more flat and nicer.

6. Get a Lawn tractor with snow plower attatchment.

7. Fix up the garage door opener.

8. Seal all the windows to make it energey efficent.

9. Buy the propane tank when the lease is up so I can pick my own company.

10. Maybe run a gas line for the brick stove

11. Get rid of all the shitty looking plant in front of the house blocking the windows and replace it with nice flower or something else.

12. Get rid of the above ground pool and replace it with a in ground pool.

13. Replace the toilet to a Hi-Tech toto Toilet.

14. Powerwash the house outside.

15. Replace standard locks with biometric locks

16. Spray paint the rusted fence

17. Destroy the Bees nest on the roof

18. Seal the driveway and repaint it to new

19. Get a second job so i can fix all these shit and buy all the technology I need in the house.

20. Maybe change job to work closer to where I live.

Thats it for now.
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